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Have You Played... Creature In The Well?

Bumper addition

The Addams Family and The Twilight Zone are just TV shows to me, not pinball tables. I've never had an affinity for IRL bumpers and flippers. I do, however, quite like pinball-infused video games.

The absolute joy that is Yoku's Island Express opened my eyes to what a video game could do with pinball elements, a few years back. And, in 2019, Creature In The Well did it all over again. Rather than a postbeetle-shaped ball, you're essentially a moving flipper in this hack and slasher, tackling bumper-filled dungeons one room at a time.

You do that with two tools: one that charges your balls and one that strikes them. The more energy you put into the balls, the more damage you'll deal to these bumpers that you're trying to destroy so you can progress to the next area. Naturally, as you move through the game you'll also grab fancier tools, like the charge tool that also has an aim assist and the whacking implement that splits a ball into three for maximum hittage.

It gets more complex over time as it introduces things like bumpers that explode when hit or ones that emit lasers, but it's still essentially a game that revolves around flaking pinballs from one end of a room to another. Who needs The Twilight Zone when you've got this?

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