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Creature In The Well rattles into stores

Roger Theodore Frog? Roger Talus Frog?

One guaranteed way to jazz up pinball is by adding swords to the mix. Pinball with swords as you help out a robot pal on their dungeon-crawling quest to rid an abandoned structure of its spooky inhabitant is a stronger pitch still. That’s the premise of Creature In The Well, a hack-and-slash-y hybrid that pinged onto PC yesterday. See what awaits in the darkness of the trailer below.

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All of these scattering, ricocheting angles are delightfully satisfying to watch, and therefore, I would imagine, even more satisfying to pull off. It’s also, as Dominic pointed out when the game was first announced, lovely and stylish thanks to its comic-book-ish shading.

You’re headed into the titular well in an attempt to fix it up – it’s actually an old weather machine that should be able to stop the otherwise endless sandstorm that’s been plaguing the town above. As you descend, you’ll be sending things careening through eight different dungeons, getting the power flowing again and finding secrets that just might explain what happened to let everything get this dusty in the first place.

Some of the areas are more reflex-based, while some are more puzzly, and you can equip different weapons to change up your own style accordingly. And get different coloured capes, because it is very important to be fashionable when investigating strange monsters trapped deep underground. You wouldn’t want to make a bad impression for your new friends, like Roger T. Frog, who you can spot up there in the trailer.

Answers on a postcard as to what the T stands for. (It’s gotta be ‘the,’ right?)

Creature In The Well is available on Steam and GOG now, with a 10% launch discount good until Friday the 13th of September making it £10.25/$13.49/€11.24.

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