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Have You Played... Dishonored 2?

Don't be an outsider

Occasionally I have these moments where I can't stop thinking about Dishonored 2. They come in fits and spurts, when I'm playing a game or I'm ordering a takeaway or I'm reading a book. I think to myself, "this just isn't A Crack In The Slab though, is it?"

A Crack In The Slab is a mission where you head into a ruined mansion that's been sealed off for three years. Your task is to find out what on earth went on in this mansion in the past, and to do so, you're given this weird time-bending device.

Now get this: as you explore the mansion in the present, you can also see it from the same perspective in the past by looking through your magical timepiece. At any point, you can choose to flit between the present and the past, seamlessly transitioning from stepping over rubble to seeing your reflection on gleaming marble floors.

It's the little things about this level that continue to blow my mind, like escaping from a locked room by flipping over to the present where the door has crumbled to dust. Or the time I entered dining room that was empty in the present, but filled with guards sat around a long table in the past. I hid under the table in the present, nipped back in time to nab a guard’s master key off his belt, and flipped back to the present without any of them being any the wiser.

Don't get me started on Jindosh's Mansion.

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