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Have You Played... Hue?

Get a bit of colour in ya

Hue is an delightful puzzle game which is incredibly bright and colourful (unsurprisingly), where you progress by changing the colour of the background. At its core it’s quite a sad game. You’re searching for your missing mother, and you uncover her story as you go. This takes you through various themes of love, loss, remorse, and existence. It might be sad, but damn it’s beautiful.

In the early stages you have to unlock various colours to be able to access other parts of the world. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, the purple and the pink look incredibly similar sometimes, and having to jump from one moving platform to another whilst avoiding a laser beam doesn’t sound too difficult, but wait until one of the platforms is the same colour as the laser beam, and the only way to avoid that laser is to make the background the same colour as the beam, thus making it disappear. Whew, deep breath. That was a big ol’ sentence. I just don’t think it’s easy to do this game justice by explaining, it’s one you should experience yourself.

The art style alone should be enough to make you want to dive into this black and white world that changes as quickly as you need it to. The silhouetting of characters against a vibrant background colour is wonderfully exciting and different. And don’t worry about missing out if you’re colourblind, it gives you the option to play using symbols instead of colours.

The puzzles are fantastically hard in places, often annoying me to the point of rage-quitting, only to come back to it later with a fresh mind. But I still really enjoyed the different ways to solve them and anyway, if you’ve not been able to tell from the majority of Have You Playeds I’ve written, I bloody love puzzle games.

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