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Have You Played... Life Is Strange?

Bernard's Watching

I watched a lot of Bernard's Watch as a child. This has left me with infrequent frustrations over not being able to pause time at my whim, and an unease over the prospect that anyone with such an ability would almost inevitably age, wither, and die before any of their loved ones. The greatest failing of Bernard's Watch was its cowardly decision to leave this trauma unresolved.

Life Is Strange swaps out pausing time for rewinding it, which is better, but still makes me worry about Maxine's memory banks.

I was probably supposed to spend more time thinking about intrigue and teen angst, and I probably did. Doubly appropriately, though, I have forgotten most of this because I made the mistake of playing through Life Is Strange with someone I was desperately and unrequited-ly in love with back at uni. I remember praying that I was navigating the rooftop suicide scene in a way that she approved of, and learning that being under the watchful gaze of someone you're trying to impress is an excellent and terrifying way to raise the stakes of almost anything.

We played up 'til the start of the last episode then went our separate ways, and I have absolutely no intention of reawakening those memories by going back. But what's stopping you?

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