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Here's 13 minutes of new Life Is Strange: True Colors gameplay

Get your bants on with Ryan and Steph

Deck Nine's next supernatural drama 'em up Life Is Strange: True Colors is just about to land in September and Square Enix have now queued up a longer look at an early part of the game while you wait. The new 13 minutes of gameplay show off protagonist Alex Chen's first meeting with two other main characters—and potential romantic interests—at the local record store. Perfect place for a bit of bants about Smash Mouth and Kings Of Leon, naturally.

You can catch it all down here when Alex wanders into the Siren Record Store while waiting on her brother Gabe. While poking around, she gets a quick introduction to resident record jockey Steph and a longer conversation with avid woodsman Ryan.

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As you do in Deck Nine's choice-based adventures, Alex starts off with some easy picks, like helping Steph choose a record for the radio station and deciding whether Ryan's interest in bird calls is "different" or "nerdy". All that to the tune of some witty, 20-somethings banter. Turns out Alex's brother Gabe is waiting on a Kings Of Leon record. Ah yes, those aughts classics, eh?

After a bit of poking around, things start to get a little supernatural at last when Alex overhears Steph having an argument on the phone. Alex's abilities are empathetic in nature, so the heated conversation gets to her fast. You can catch that here, and more in a video on Alex's empathy abilities that Square Enix shared back in June.

Life Is Strange: True Colors launches on September 10th over on Steam. The DLC called "Wavelengths", which is focused on Steph prior to Alex's arrival, launches on September 30th.

The remastered collection, by the by, got delayed until early 2022 though. Deck Nine decided they'd need a bit of a breather between True Colors, Wavelengths, and those remasteres.

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