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Have You Played... Murderous Pursuits?

Gone too soon

You bastards. More of you should have bought Murderous Pursuits.

It’s a multiplayer murder ‘em up where style counts for more than your body count. Like Assassin's Creed Multiplayer and The Ship that inspired it, you have a quarry and a hunter. Track down one, evade or disarm the other. Simple, except your opponents have as many tricks up their sleeves as you do.

Plain sight is by far the most exciting place to hide. To know you’re vulnerable. Protected only by your wits, by cunning over reaction speed. To know when to walk, to mill, to strike. To predict your opponent’s predictions, then make them play into your own. It was a game about getting into human heads, pointless once the servers emptied of them.

I’d still urge you to play it, but you’ll need to round up some friends.

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