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Have You Played... N?

When r u gonna?

If you like running and or jumping and haven’t yet played N, sort yourself out. It’s right here in your browser. You’ve no excuse. I’ll wait for you after the jump.

It's been over a decade, but nobody has learnt to jump like the N ninja. That's just as well, because nobody has asked any other character for as much precision. Even Meat Boy demands less: less dexterity, but also less forethought. Less planning and patience, balanced against haste demanded by a lifebar that dwindles with each passing second.

A single level might take a hundred tries, but that’s why victory tastes so sweet. Each last second dodge, each escape at a hair-length from disaster, wouldn’t elate if N were easy. It’s a testimony to games that play better when they’re brutal.

I hope one day the devs go back and add Celeste’s accessibility support, though.

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