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N Times: The Way Of The Ninja Updates

Metanet's charming platformer N is so old the only wallpapers available at their site are in a 4:3 aspect ratio. That's as close to a 'yo momma' joke as I'm comfortable making, but it's also true - the high-res desktop backgrounds are 1600x1200. Out of curiosity, is there anyone reading this on a 4:3 monitor? Are you visiting your parents? The platform puzzle game was released in 2005, which in game time means it's due a comfortable and easy retirement at one of our specially constructed facilities. But N has other ideas: Version 2.0 has just been released, and the old Ninja's joints are as flexible and detachable as ever.

Everything is the same but different, but the most obvious additions are the 2-player local co-op multiplayer, and the new GUI in the level editor. There are a pile of new levels as well. Under the hood, they've added an account system that'll allow you to store your create levels on the Metanet server, and it'll save your progress across the hundreds of levels the game has.

It's an old game, so if you're unaware of its existence I'll apologise for introducing it to you now. The little ninja looks benevolent, but it's one of the most frustratingly addictive games you'll ever play. It's like a proto-Super Meat Boy: death will claim you often, but the mistakes are all your own fault. Here's the update trailer

N was a favourite of many of my friends back in the day. It introduced me to DDA, 'Don't Do Anything' levels that were amazing creations in the editor. All you'd need to do is hold down one button and the level would get you to the end.

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