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N++ Ultimate Edition update adds gobs more levels


Super-focused platformer N++ [official site] already had over 2,000 levels but pssh, that's nothing. Today sees the launch of N++'s huge 'Ultimate Edition' update with almost two thousand extra levels as well as a new 'Hardcore' mode and some new pretties. Yes, the Ultimate Edition is a free update and not a separate new release. Yes, I too wish they had named it N+++.

The Ultimate Edition will take N++ from 2,360 levels to 4,340. That is a great many levels. Also in are new colour schemes and headbands plus the promise of new secrets.

Metanet Software say that Hardcore mode "changes the rules of the game and lets the player see Solo in a whole new light," whatever that means, and "is all about skill, so it's a true challenge for the Ultimate ninja!" Because N++ is too easy. I'm always saying that. Easy peasy.

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The Mechanic last year got N++ up on blocks to have a look underneath, focusing on its movement (and broadly getting excited):

"While its physics system is entirely internally consistent, it can seem awfully counter-intuitive. N++ therefore features 120 tutorial levels. 'You can speedrun them in like 20 minutes or something!' says [co-creator Raigan Burns], but he concedes that for anyone else they takes a good hour. But they're a fantastic introduction to the fathomless subtleties of this game, because they invite you to figure out each kind of jump and interaction yourself simply through level design. One example is a level that teaches the correct rhythm for wall jumps by shooting a laser down the wall with the timing of when you need to jump away."

Good video gaming.

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