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Have You Played... Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter

Holmes is where the heart is

I am a particular fan of the title of this game, because it sounds like Holmes himself is the daughter in question. Like it was his nickname when he played rugby at school or something. Despite that, Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter is a thoroughly enjoyable entry in Frogwares' saga of third-person detect 'em ups, notable for having good detecting elements, and also never having a version of Sherlock I wouldn't go to bed with. Look at 'em both up there, Holmes in his shirtsleeves and Watson with his fashion facial hair. What good lads.

There is an overarching plot to do with a waif and/or stray that Holmes has adopted, and a sexy and mysterious neighbour who recently moved in. But the standalone cases are lovely little investigative gems (excluding, perhaps, the one where Holmes imaginates his way through what happened at a temple he has never been to based on looking at a small model of it in a bowls pavilion, or something).

You may remember this game for people praising that one case where you had to find the right house in a street based on a description and directions to it, which was really very good. Bits like that don't happen loads throughout the whole game, sadly, but if you're a Holmes fan I think this is probably the best of Frogwares' adaptations. Maybe avoid if you're a purist though - it's the spirit of Holmes rather than a 1:1 adaptation. But come on, we all know whodunnit in A Study In Scarlet by now.

(As an addendum I would like to add that in my old job I used to get a bus to Croydon every day, and the route went past an estate agent called 'Holmes Estate Agents' and every day that I saw it I was infuriated that they hadn't called it Holmes' Homes. I know this is only very vaguely related to the topic at hand but I need people to know about this outrage.)

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