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Have You Played... Silver?

Spandau Ballet b-side

This is a bit of a cheat because I didn’t really play this one. For a period until I was about 12 the only PC in the house was in my big brother’s room, which meant I was not allowed to play it or go in there unless he was in a good mood.

On those occasions, me and my younger brother would each carry one of the heavy wooden kitchen chairs upstairs and sit next to the older one and watch him play things like Black & White or Soul Reaver. And Silver.

Silver is an RPG epic with real-time combat. Wife is kidnapped, evil sorcerer, pact with demon, collect magic orbs, yadda yadda. But I mostly remember it for this one side quest, quite early on (spoilers for this one specific side quest in a game from the 90s).

You’re exploring a library with your grandfather (who has a big bushy moustache) and the library is full of little impy demons. They’re all red and will attack you. Then you come into one room and a bunch of red imps are attacking a little gold one! So you rush in and save him. Or not, I spose. You can also just let him die. You monster.

For saving him, the little dude says he’ll lead you to a treasure chest, except what he actually does is find a magic scroll that makes him MASSIVE and starts attacking you. Call that gratitude, eh? I think it was one of the first times I saw a computer character do a lie. I tried playing it myself and could never manage to kill him, and am now afraid to go back. He is sort of like a white whale. But yellow. It’s on a Steam and GOG now, if you fancy a crack at him yourself.

Silver is now published by THQ Nordic.

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