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'90s RPG Silver slashes its way onto Steam

Party like it's 1999

Sweet, sweet nostalgia. I only have vague memories of playing the RPG Silver [Steam page] as a ten-year-old (I'm wondering now what the age rating was...) but I remember really liking it. Its swordplay was its standout feature, and the direction of your strikes depended on which way you moved your mouse. It seems rudimentary now, but at the time it blew my little mind.

Anyway, now I — and anybody else who’s interested — gets to relive the action all over again on Steam, where it has just released courtesy of THQ Nordic. Admittedly, it's been out on GOG since 2012, but this latest version, currently on sale, is a perfect excuse to jump back in. It's only £3.99, which includes a 20% launch discount.

From first glance, it looks exactly like the 1999 original but with more resolution options. Expect your party of 3D characters to run across various colourful 2D backdrops and live out the story of David, a young knight who's trying to save his captured wife from the evil sorcerer Jarrah, and in doing so save the realm.

I'd say, from what I can remember (and from reading what others have said about it), that the story is decent and that the characters you meet have some excellent dialogue.

I'm not sure the prospect of playing it through for the first time will appeal to that many people, but for those who want to jump back into a world they loved it will be welcome news.

The early reviews look positive, with barely a bug in sight. If you've bought it, tell me: is it as good as I remember?

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