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Have You Played... The Drawn Trilogy?

Positively relaxing gaming

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While RPS is not embarrassed to admit its fondness for hidden object games and their ilk, there's no doubt they're still derided by many grumpy-grumps. The Drawn trilogy [official site] are, I believe, the games that could convince these people that there is great merit to "casual games" - whatever that means - and they're now rather quietly appearing on Steam.

From casual frontrunners Big Fish Games, the Drawn series was an attempt to see if they could push things a little further than they normally would, see if something a little closer to a traditional adventure game could appeal to their audience. Whether it worked I do not know, but clearly money's still being spent, with the second game in the series recently released on Steam in a "Collector's Edition". The first went on sale on the store in 2011, so it could well be a heck of a wait for the final game, Trail Of Shadows, or perhaps we'll see Collector's versions of all three.

The games: The central character is Iris, who has the ability to draw objects and then see them come to life. Rather than this being a mechanic of how you play, it's instead a way in which the story is told, and pre-drawn items are used to solve puzzles. It's really about calm, gentle exploration of its world, a fairytale narrative, and some really beautiful scenes. This isn't hidden object, but it's also not a full point and click. It sits somewhere between, where solving puzzles is rarely taxing, but instead relaxingly soothing. All three games are really very beautiful, and certainly deserve a look.

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