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Have you played... Where The Water Tastes Like Wine?

Take a wander through a different kind of American West

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine is a pretty bleak game, but it’s also really good! It’s set in Depression-era America, a time when many folks were having their assess kicked by the economy and manifest destiny. The game is about these people, specifically travellers and nomads who wander the country in search of answers. Migrant workers, preachers, poets, folk healers, Dustbowl refugees, and even men with wolf’s heads make up this cast, and it’s your job to meet these strangers and collect their stories.

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You see, stories in Where The Water Tastes Like Wine act as currency. It’s a super interesting way of storytelling that relies on the exchange of these accounts. Through chatting with characters, you’ll be able to collect their tales which you can then re-tell to others, unlocking new interactions. You'll carry those tales with you, swapping them around campfires to make the main cast open up to you and share their own pasts and life lessons.

These tales you collect aren’t just disguised history lessons, either. There are ghost stories, creepy folk tales, and encounters with strange beings. The way the game combines the supernatural and the real, troubled histories of the US is honestly spellbinding.

The general vibe of the game is fantastical and surreal - very Kentucky Route Zero or the more recently released Norco. If you’re into these ‘American Gothic’ style of games, then Where The Water Tales Like Wine should be next on your itinerary.

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