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Where The Water Tastes Like Wine buzzes in Sting

Lee and Clem too

The English actor Sting, famous for donning a cracking pair of pants as Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen in David Lynch's Dune as well as for his side-career in music, will lend his voice to a humanoid wolf in Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. That furry fella is one of the storytellers in the country-roaming Americana anthology, which is led by Gone Home co-creator Johnnemann Nordhagen at his new studio, Dim Bulb, and features tales from writers including former RPS contributors Cara Ellison, Emily Short, and Leigh Alexander. Here, meet Sting and some other voice actors in this new trailer:

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That's nice, that. Where The Water Tastes Like Wine hands us the hat and bindle of an anthropomorphic personification of folkore, a giant skeleton tasked with wandering America and spreading stories after losing a poker game. You meet people, listen to their stories, and share those you've collected.

Each story we hear is written by a different writer and told by a different narrator. Other than Sting, the newly-revealed list of voice actors includes Dave Fennoy and Melissa Hutchison (Lee and Clem from Telltale's The Walking Dead), Cissy Jones (Firewatch's Delilah), and Kimberly Brooks (Ashley out Mass Effect).

If you fancy learning more, Pip spoke to Nordhagen last year about the game and the myth of America.

Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is due "in early 2018" - hey, that's now-ish!

Disclosure: I am pally with several people who contributed to this game (and flatmates with one) but I am a professional and, above all else, a huge fan of those Dune pants. God, they're magnificent! What astonishing underwear.

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