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Have your heart broken by a short-lived friend in RUNONCE

In memoriam

Usually, the last thing I do on a Sunday is clean up my documents from the week, organising everything I need and deleting everything I don’t. This week that’s going to be tricky, because I opened RUNONCE, the latest file-o-friend from Nathalie Lawhead. The little bunny within is currently stomping endearingly around my screen, asking me for my thoughts about death, and kindly requesting that I don’t close its program, because once I do, they’ll be gone forever.

Lawhead is no stranger to addressing and causing existential crises, for example in her similarly adorable-slash-heartbreaking EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK. They’re also well practiced in giving their digital pets whole miniature lives, like the ones you can play cupid with in Desktop Love Story.

I’m sure there’s plenty to say here about humans’ ability to get emotionally attached to almost anything, but I will not be doing that because while I was looking up the links for the previous paragraph, this bunny wandered from the corner where I had left them in to my words-space and told me not to forget about them, and now I’m extremely sad. I’m sure they’re referring to after their inevitable death, but on top of that I also feel like a terrible workaholic parent ignoring their sweet child.

My solace here is that sharing this desperately charming piece of software means that more people will be given the ability to download them, so they have the opportunity to live lots of different lives that they couldn’t get wandering around only my desktop. You can find them on for pay what you want with no minimum.

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