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Heavy Gear Assault Enters The Kickstarter Arena

A new Heavy Gear game is coming, but Heavy Gear Assault will only appear at the mercy of the wallet-wielding crowd. The Unreal Engine powered game is asking for $800,000, and is looking pretty stompy. However, this proposition does not include a campaign, but instead is a multiplayer combat game: "Compete in tournaments and organized matches for fame and fortune. Spectate and sponsor other players. Vote on performances. Put bounties on poor sports and pay their enemies to take them out." The final thing will be free to play, and backing now buys in-game items and other additional awards both virtual and physical.

Videos below, including a destructible environment demo that reminds me of the Red Faction demos of old.

Cover image for YouTube video

Not looking half bad, but I have to say that no-one has ever really made a battlesuit game that really suits my tastes. I'm not even sure what the closest would be. Outwars, maybe? (Bonus points for being someone who played that to completion.)

Anyway, I am not wholly convinced this pitch - or Heavy Gear nostalgia - will be strong enough to raise the money they're looking for. Kickstarter seems particularly cynical towards both multiplayer and F2P, so Stompy Bot could be in for an uphill struggle.

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