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Height Fantastic: Hover's Trailer Is All Over The Place

Down on skid row

But in a good way! Titanfall's wall-running and super-fun leaping is the second best thing about Repawn's multiplayer game. Being able to watch others do it is my favourite thing about it: seeing them curve across gaps, leaping like leapy things, and dancing across levels. I love it. I love that moment at the very beginning of a level, when your small group peels off in different directions to a chorus of jet blasts and then vanish into the twisty death warrens. So the new trailer for Hover: Revolt of Gamer looks very compelling to my eyes, even if it is a little bit neon and flashy: that thrill of leaping around with friends will always draw me in.

It's still the same mix of running, jumping, and grinding that Nathan spotted on his first look. The body feels slightly more connected (to me), and there's now a third-person mode that I'll probably only use to look out for where everyone is. I see no reason to not have my hands flapping about in front of me when sprinting in games.

No release date, but I can point out that it is going to be supporting the Oculus Rift. I think I could make a decent amount of money selling vomit bags that hook onto the Rift, you know?

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