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Helldivers 2 explains how its newly third-person chaotic co-op will work

Much the same as Helldivers 1, really

A man in metal armour shoots an alien bug in Hellidvers 2.
Image credit: Playstation

There must be no games but third-person action games, said Sony. And so it was. Helldivers 2 is the next victim, trading the co-op sci-fi shooter's from-above camera view for a from-behind perspective that really screams 'hey it's every other game'.

A new post and a new trailer from developers Arrowhead explaining how Helldivers 2's combat and co-op works is, at least, an opportunity to differentiate itself.

A co-op and combat trailer for Helldivers 2.Watch on YouTube

As the trailer explains, before missions in Helldivers 2 you'll be able to select a loadout for your soldier tailored to the types of foes you're expected to fight. That might include heavy or light armour, the latter of which is better for mobility, as well as different categories of weaponry, such as armour-penetrating guns for taking down large monsters or explosives for blowing up bug hives. Just as in Helldivers 1, you'll also be able to select Strategems, which are air drops players can call in during a fight, including cluster bombs, sentry guns, shield generators or supply pods containing limited-use special weaponry.

Also like Helldivers 1 - and Arrowhead's first game Magicka - friendly fire is a big part of the experience. Most games leave the ability to blow up your pals as an optional thing, but it's part of the chaotic vibe these games aim for. Returning to the fight as a new soldier will apparently be quick, and you can pick up your deceased predecessor's dropped weapons.

You can read a handful more details on the PlayStation blog. Or you can wait to find out whether my cynicism is justified when Helldivers 2 launches later this year on Steam.

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