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Helldivers 2's mechs are "ready for deployment" soon, say Arrowhead

Strap in

A teaser image of a Helldivers 2 mech firing a gatling gun in a sandy desert.
Image credit: Arrowhead Studios

It's been rumoured for a while that mechs were on their way to Helldivers 2, thanks to leaks and, y'know, official trailers. Well, now it's actually confirmed: the official Helldivers 2 Xwitter account shared today that they were "ready for deployment on the battlefield soon".

Pilotable mechs were discovered in an online game under mysterious circumstances and shared via Reddit earlier this week. The mechs - or exosuits, if you like - can be clambered inside, have two legs, and fire explosive rounds from twin guns.

Mechs were shown in the Helldivers 2 launch trailer around a month ago, so this doesn't come as a surprise. Mechs were also a feature of the original Helldivers, and despite the switch from topdown to third-person, there's no reason they wouldn't still fit within Helldivers 2's co-op shenanigans.

I was originally down on the idea that Helldivers was becoming a third-person shooter. It seemed a dull change to an otherwise distinctive game, and I saw little to be excited about in the sequel, at least until Arrowhead started discussing the Galactic War meta-stuff nearer to release. Now that Helldivers 2 is out I can say I am delighted to be wrong, as I've been having a brill time with it in occasional co-op sessions. It offers daft, bite-size missions; the upgrade and progression gubbins is compelling but relatively unobtrusive; and the combat and movement and presentation are all so good, so slick, that it makes you wonder how other games get them so wrong.

If you're more interested in progress and tackling harder missions than mine, check out our guide to Helldivers 2's best weapons.

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