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Gamescom Opening Night Live's hype trailer spills some more attendees

A trailer for your trailers, of course

We've already found out courtesy of host man Geoff Keighley that the Gamescom Opening Night Live will be a two hour long showcase event. As ever with Keighleyvents there are guaranteed to be tons of trailers and some world premiers and exclusive looks at cosmetic crossover items or something of the like. Also as usual, Keighley has been dipping into the set list to sprinkle us with details about which games are going to show up. He's now dropped a handy hype trailer and hey, you can actually spot a couple games in here that he hadn't formally spilled the beans on yet.

In the days leading up to the event this Wednesday, Keighley has made plenty of announcements for announcements himself over on Twitter. We're already guaranteed to get another look at Far Cry 6, neato beat 'em up Sifu, and the reveal foretold by that new Saint's Row teaser. Oh, and the Death Stranding Director's Cut, because you can't have a Keighley event without some Kojima.

If you look quick, you can spot some other games that you may have been keen to hear more about here in the hype trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoHype Trailer: Gamescom: Opening Night Live 2021

For one, psychedelic adventure The Artful Escape is in there for just a moment—the fella with the guitar. I'm not sure what the developers have queued up to show off, but you can already hear a bit more about it in Katharine's The Artful Escape preview from just last month.

You can also catch what looks like it must be Jurassic World Evolution 2 in there. Not terribly surprising to see it back again after it was initially revealed by Jeff Goldblum at June's Keighleyvent. It's expected to launch this year, and Nate is already hoping it'll let him just build a nice, peaceful park.

It looks like sci-fi platformer Replaced is in there as well along with that lineup of space-faring folks I don't actually recognise offhand.

In the end, the hype trailer is really all things we knew about, if not that they'd be attenting Opening Night Live specifically. As always, there are surely some extra secret reveals still up Keighley's sleeve. Have your keen eyes spotted something that mine didn't?

All the rest will be revealed in time when Gamescom Opening Night Live premieres this Wednesday, August 25th at 7pm BST (11am PDT) over on YouTube.

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