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Hitman World Of Assassination is out, combining Hitman 1-3 and adding new roguelike mode

It's cheaper and on sale

Hitman 3's May 2022 roadmap delays Freelancer mode but moves the Ambrose Island map release forward
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Hitman 3's long-awaited Freelancer mode is finally out, letting you play missions from across the trilogy with randomised objectives and other roguelike elements. Hitman 3 is also now called Hitman: World Of Assassination and its multitude of editions, bundles and DLCs have been combined and simplified. As a result, every Hitman 3 owner now has access to all the levels from Hitman 1 and 2, if they didn't already.

If you head to the Hitman 3 store page on Steam or on Epic, you'll no longer see seven options, but two. Hitman: World Of Assassination includes Hitman 3, Hitman 2, and Hitman 1 with all its DLC. It's currently 45% off, making it £32.17. The other option is the Hitman World Of Assassination Deluxe Pack, which includes all of the above plus the DLC for Hitman 2 and 3.

This is vastly simpler than what existed before, but it also means that you can play Freelancer mode with access to a full suite of excellent Hitman levels from across all three games, whether you bought the first two or not. Given how good this trilogy of murder simulators are, getting some of it for free - or all of it cheaper - is great.

Freelancer mode also sounds interesting. Instead of Agent 47's destinations, gear and objectives being set for him by a shadowy organisation, as they are in the story mode, those decisions are left up to you. In between each mission you'll return to your hideout where you can decide which job to do next, where you think it'd be best to pursue a target, and what gear to take along. If you choose poorly, you may discover the objective is impossible in the manner you planned it, and if you lose the precious gear you took along, it may leave you short when you really need it on future jobs.

I've worked regularly as a freelancer for twenty years, so I assume you'll also have to do jobs on weekends and file your own taxes.

It feels as if IO Interactive next major game will be their take on Bond, but all these changes to Hitman are designed to set it up as a platform they can continue to expand with new missions without releasing Hitman 4. That seems like good news to me.

You'll find more on Hitman's patch 3.140 here and more on the name change here. And you can watch the launch trailer for Freelancer below:

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