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Hitman is getting its first elusive target in two years and it's DJ Dimitri Vegas

I'm definitely cool enough to know who that is

Hitman 3 turned into Hitman: World Of Assassination last year, grouping the entire trilogy of missions all under one roof and adding a roguelike mode. The murder sim has been relatively quiet since.

Now a new elusive target is coming to the game this autumn, the first in two years. It's about taking down a character called The Drop, played by real-world DJ Dimitri Vegas.

Well, that's a pretty basic trailer for The Drop.Watch on YouTube

Dimitri Vegas is lending his face and voice to The Drop, "a DJ-turned-drug impresario bent on controlling the scene one way or another."

Not much more is known than that, but elusive targets are special assassination targets who turn up in existing levels for a limited time. Players get one chance to take the target out and if they fail the mission there are no retries - unless the target returns, normally months or years later. Some targets can also be played via Elusive Target Arcade, however, a permanent mode where players can take down targets in a series and failure sets you back to the first level.

The Hitman trilogy, now bundled together as World Of Assassination, are all excellent games, whether you're playing them as linear stories or as systemic playgrounds. IO continues to maintain them with patches, elusive target re-runs and timed events, but the roguelike Freelancer mode makes replaying old missions perpetually interesting on its own.

Plus, the Hitman series is resting for potentially good reasons: IO Interactive are now working on a James Bond game and an "online fantasy RPG".

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