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Homestuck Adventure Game Hiveswap Begins January

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Hiveswap [official site], the adventure game spun off from mega-popular webcomic Homestuck, will launch its Act 1 in January 2017. That's the word from developers What Pumpkin, who've popped back up after an extended silence. Hiveswap is not a direct adaptation of the comic, which... has itself been a sort of adventure game at times, directed by readers, but it's... look, it's fine, the idea was for folks to be able to enjoy it without knowing anything about Homestuck. That's what I heard. I don't know. I don't have time to dive down this rabbit hole of different dimensions and universe reboots and... look, watch these moving pictures:

See? Easy to understand. There are monsters outside your house. Your brother is trapped in his treehouse. You're in the house. And off you go: solve puzzles and bop monsters in the face. I can follow that.

January 2017 is when Hiveswap will kick off, and it's been a long time coming. A Kickstarter in 2012 funded a Homestuck adventure game, which was originally being made by The Odd Gentleman. In-house studio What Pumpkin have since taken over. They went silent for a long while too, the game quietly delayed from a planned spring 2015 launch, but now we know: Hiveswap Act 1 is due in January 2017.

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