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Ho Ho Ho-race: Merry Christmas Readers!

Group hug

Oh my, it's so close! Only a few hours until Horace dons his jingling hat and slithers simultaneously down the chimneys of all the good boys and girls. Remember to leave out the grisly remains of a slaughtered deer, if you want your stocking filled with gifts and guts!

And with the season, it is of course time for RPS's writers to enter their collective hibernation, deep beneath the ground below Castle Shotgun, all wrapped up in straw.

But that doesn't mean RPS won't be bursting with wonderful stuff to read over the yuletide slumber. We've got a packed schedule coming up. Later on today we reveal our Bestest Best game of 2014! There's our annual gobbling of the Christmas Leftovers - the rest of the best games of 2014 that didn't quite scrape one of our coveted awards. We've got abundant brand new features going up, as well as some more bits and bobs previously kept behind the RPS Supporter portcullis.

There will also be our traditional Best Bits of 2014 collections, and whatever else we can find to throw at you. The point being, we may not be writing newsynews for the next week or so, but we'll have so much goodness for you that you won't be able to look away. You'll miss something. No, don't look at your families. No, don't look away to eat your Christmas lunch! YOU'LL MISS SOMETHING.

So as we all curl up and prepare to recharge our cores for what will inevitably be our busiest year yet, we want to apply the very happiest of holidays to your face. Thank you, gorgeous reader. Thank you for being with us in 2014, and for helping make it RPS's best year yet. You're properly brill.

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