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Hordegaming: Minion Master In Beta

If the number of them popping up on Kickstarter is anything to go by, PC versions of board games are likely to be increasingly common. As the blur between our Sunday interest and the weekday content increases, it only makes sense for the spirit of table top gaming to be ever better captured by PC. So maybe that's something Minion Master can do, if BlitFlip live up to their words.

This one goes a blur further, combining collectable card gaming with miniature wargaming, so they claim. Take a look at it in action here:

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Clearly PCified board games are nothing new, but there does seem to be a resurgence of interest in the combination of late, and BitFlip's first game is looking to innovate within it all. They're doing something called "Round Based Play", where everyone takes their turns at the same time, and then the moves are revealed as the action takes place in front of you. It'll also feature a level editor letting you GM your own game, along with co-op and multiplayer.

Of course, you could argue the being in the same room, touching the plastic and card, is a lot of the point. Not in these chaps' eyes:

"The best part of bringing Miniature War Games to the computer is that you NEVER HAVE TO CLEAN it up! No more stepping on tiles and figurines, no more closets stacked to the brim with plastic bins. Just close the Minion Master application and you're done!"

I'm not a boardgamer, but that stuff sounds like the best bits!

The game's now in open beta, available for $15, although they're clear it's not finished yet.

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