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Horizon Forbidden West looks very pretty in its new trailer - and will surely come to PC eventually, right?

Let us have this one

Horizon Forbidden West is bound to come to PC someday, right? Horizon Zero Dawn eventually made the jump last year, and Sony have repeatedly committed to bringing more games to PC - as recently as yesterday with the announcement of an Uncharted 4 port.

So, yes, let's post about the 14 minutes of new Horizon Forbidden West footage. It's very pretty.

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This must be the fabled "next-gen" I've been hearing so much about. It does look better than most other games around, particularly when large objects are falling apart into lots of smaller objects.

The footage shows new additions to the Horizon series, like substantial underwater exploration, mounted combat, and a new glider. There's a lot that's familiar from Zero Dawn, too. You again play as Aloy and again spend a lot of time firing arrows at robot dinosaurs and hiding in tall grass.

Horizon Zero Dawn had a bit of a bumpy launch on PC due to performance issues, but was otherwise a great game. Nate properly loves it, and in his Horizon Zero Dawn review called it "one of the best adventures you can go on inside a telly, and one of the most beautiful, too."

Sony's most recent PC port was Days Gone, which made the leap earlier this month. Katharine has been enjoying its photo mode.

Honestly though, we won't write about every tiny detail that comes out about Forbidden West. Not until it's confirmed for PC, and that'll be years away. For now, the trailer is worth a watch, and I'm only disappointed that it maintains none of the splitscreen arcade racing present in 2018's Horizon Chase Turbo.

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