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House Flipper Pets VR proves every game looks better with dogs and cats

Renovate a house, pet a dog

Is this pandering? If it is, I'm okay being pandered to. House Flipper Pets VR is a new spin-off from the fixer-upper floor-scrubbing sim which adds dogs, cats and co-op multiplayer. So you can tidy a house with a friend and then fill it with furniture your pet pal will like.

Here's the announcement trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoHouse Flipper – Pets VR – Announcement trailer

I've played a bit of the original House Flipper, and it's clunky but satisfying. You buy houses in disrepair, scrub and repair them, then sell them for a higher price so you can buy better mops and other tools with which to flip the next one. It's about the chill satisfaction of performing menial tasks. House Flipper VR, released last year, is much the same thing but in VR albeit apparently held back by wonky controls.

Among the new features in House Flipper Pets VR are "Furniballs," which you can see in the trailer above. They let you toss furniture-filled balls into the world to plop down items in your house, or likewise throw the balls to suck the furniture back up.

It's the co-op and the pets that are the biggest addition, however. You can pet the pets, play with them, drop scratching posts for your cat, and so on. It's kind of perfect; House Flipper, while satisfying, was also a lonely experience. For that reason, co-op is also welcome, and something that similar games like Viscera Cleanup Detail benefited greatly from.

The developer is promising continued updates for House Flipper VR, with Pets VR currently having no release date. It does have a Steam page with some more screenshots and info.

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