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House Flipper is getting a pets DLC for some reason and it looks adorable

Can you teach a dog to flip?

HGTV 'em up House Flipper has announced a new DLC in the works and it is not what I'd have expected. The renovation simulation is now working on a DLC that will add pets. We're not just talking cats and dogs either. No, you'll have parrots and bunnies and turtles too. Because how are you supposed to appreciate your freshly-flipped house if you don't have anyone to share it with? The DLC will add new houses too, but I'm honestly just worried about the dogs.

The pets DLC will add ten ranch style properties for you to flip, which will include some cute porches and little attics to clear out. You'll have all sorts of new pet-friendly items to furnish them with too. In the trailer below you can spot dog treadmills and bunny houses and cat scratching posts and more. Your pets will actually use these items too, it looks like.

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"Be sure to involve plenty of playtime, teach it and make it feel comfortable in a new home," say Frozen Way. "Create a unique relationship with your adorable housemate!" Is it just me, or is this sounding more and more like an actual pet simulation? Wash your puppy. Feed them and build them a little playhouse. Look at your amazing dog bringing you a can of paint, even. You couldn't ask for a better flipping co-worker, could you?

Apparently it's not just the regular houses you'll be able to flip. There's a pet hotel too, because why not? "In the idyllic Cozy Village, players will take care of the ideal conditions for all those pets that couldn’t travel with their owners," Frozen Way say. "And if you’re good enough at managing your business, you’ll definitely make a profit out of it."

The pets DLC is expected in the first quarter of 2022, so there's a bit of a wait yet. You can find it over on Steam until then.

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