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Have You Played... House Flipper?


I have mentioned this in a supporter post, but House Flipper has become a go-to game in my library for when life just gets too much, like how we all have a library of films to watch when atrociously hungover (mine included Legend and This Is Spinal Tap).

It was a big day for me when I could finally afford a to flip a whole house in House Flipper, that being the titular goal of the game. The awful grey/orange kitchen and living area up top there is my creation, the sort of fun new build advertised for students (except every home in House Flipper is a detached home in a MASSIVE garden).

Turns out, flipping houses is really easy and I don't know how everyone isn't winning at capitalism all the time. You just need to do a few odd jobs (waving a mop at dirt until it disappears, repainting a bedroom, mowing a lawn) for a few thousand dollars each, and pretty soon you've got enough to turn a three room maisonette type thing into a nook that an old couple will spaff at least $50k on.

Everything in House Flipper is blissfully, tragically easy. Painting a wall is a case of pointing your chosen colour at it. The roller does all the work. And you can get a better roller! You can upgrade your mop! You create order from chaos, like a god creating man from a lump of clay.

Also, there is a menu option to change the cockroach infestations into heaps of broken glass if you have an insect phobia, and I really appreciate that detail, even if I don't use it myself.

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