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House Flipper digging up gardens expansion in May

Dig your own hole

The curious do 'em up House Flipper will go outside in the sunshine in May with its first paid expansion, Garden Flipper. As you might guess from the name, you clever little detective you, it'll send us out to renovate gardens as well as homes. I didn't stick with House Flipper for long because I found myself wishing the renovation was more like the physics-driven chaos of Viscera Cleanup Detail rather than just clicking to make things go, but I might be tempted back by these gardens. The possibilities really do look quite nice.

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Some good gardens in there with some interesting designs, far nicer than I was expecting given how canned much of the housework is. I don't expect it to be particularly dynamic or creative, but I do like planting and designing gardens. After years of living in upstairs flats, I've got quite the indoor garden going on.

Along with planting flowers and trees and all that, Garden Flipper will have us clear up rubbish, slap down garden furniture, mow lawns, erect playground equipment (this will still be simple and predefined, of course, rather than the chaotic assembly of something like Home Improvisation), putting in pools, and so on. Garden stuff. To give our clients good gardens. For which they will pay us money. Business.

Garden Flipper will hit Steam on May 16th at $15, publishers Frozen District announced yesterday. That does seem a touch steep, given that the base game itself costs $20 and still needs polish, but it is adding a whole load of new stuff.

If you've not seen House Flipper before, check out our Matthew's video and dear god avert your eyes when he shows the state of his own real-world residence those windows are augh.

Oh ho, speaking of homes and gardens...

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