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Howl At The: Moon Intern

Moon Intern has been appearing on our weekly Kickstarter round-up post, Kickstarter Katchup, for a couple of weeks now. And it looks pretty special. A side-scrolling RPG game, which will generate hundreds of quests for you to play, in order to earn the money to pay your rent. But more interestingly, the game will monitor how you play, and in response will start to adjust how it generates challenges accordingly. If you're obviously having more fun with the combat, it'll bed things that way. If you seem to be striking a chord with the puzzles, then things will start to get trickier that way. And if you're good at both, then the game will get even tougher. There will be dynamic events, from meteor strikes to a shop nearby having a sale. And there's a heavy emphasis on exploration. There's now a trailer to prove it.

Take a look at the Kickstarter video first, because it goes into some detail about how much more is going on here than you might guess from the screenshots. Especially the daily thing, which I can't quite get my head around. Other than I am enamoured by the promise of having spare time to explore the moon.

You get to have a soulmate!

The trailer is a very early prototype, and you can certainly tell. But then, they need the money to buy the licensed versions of Unity to be able to make it properly. It's here:

Cover image for YouTube video

Obviously, as ever, we haven't played the game, so we can't endorse giving it your money. But, come on. There are promises of a playable demo by as soon as next week.

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