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XCOM And Civ Aplenty In Humble Firaxis Bundle


While Adam is larking about in XCOM 2, I'm replaying XCOM: Enemy Within to demonstrate how totally fine and unbothered I am that he has access and I don't. It's still really fun! Last night I ordered a cyberlady to punch a robodino so hard it exploded.

If you want to join in with not feeling bitter, the latest Humble Bundle is a cracker. It's a big merry load of cheap Firaxis strategy games, with your XCOMs and your Civilizations and your Pirates! and your Starships and so on for not very much money at all. We can all be unbothered together.

As ever, the Humble Bundle's a pay-what-you-want dealio with more thrown in as you pay more, and you can split money between Humble, the devs, and charity.

Paying at least $1 (70p!) will get you XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Sid Meier's Pirates!, Ace Patrol and Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies, and Civilization III with its expansions.

Paying at least the current average price ($9.74/£7 as I write this) will also get you Civilization IV with its expansions, Civilization V, Sid Meier's Starships, some mysterious yet-to-be-revealed games, and XCOM's DLC packs and Enemy Within expansion.

Finally, pay at least $15 (£10.50-ish) and they'll throw in Civilization: Beyond Earth, a Beyond Earth map pack, and a coupon for 33% off Beyond Earth's Rising Tide expansion.

That is a lot of good strategy games. Some are better than others, aye, but lawks! it's a heck of a deal. They all come as Steam keys for Windows, and some are on Mac and Linux too.

The bundle will be sold for the next fortnight.

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