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Silly synthwave FPS roguelike Hypergun is out now

This is my rifle. There are none like it.

There's a certain childish joy in bolting questionably useful attachments onto FPS weaponry that Hypergun understands. Released today and developed by new studio NVYVE, it's a roguelike FPS set in a synthwave cyber-world that arguably owes more to The Binding Of Isaac than Tower of Guns. Faced with swarms of glowing neon cyber-baddies and starting with a bland assault rifle (with unlimited ammo), players pick up new and silly parts for it, changing its appearance, stats, projectiles and adding a growing number of cooldown-based alternate fire modes. It's out now.

As with Isaac, just about every upgrade you pick up for your gun will stack along with everything else, even if your weapon model is too cluttered for changes to be visible. The end result is a rifle that looks moderately absurd by endgame, but a single pull of the trigger results in a cacophony of noise and projectiles even before you use its multiple special attacks. Also similar to Isaac is a pool of possible items that grows as you progress through the game. In a nod to Enter The Gungeon, you're also free to teleport to any cleared room, speeding up exploring its procedural mazes.

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While I've not had a chance to play it myself, I've watched a fair bit of Hypergun streamed by some good, discerning folk, and they seem pleased with it. While it doesn't reinvent the wheel (or FPS roguelikes for that matter) it seems like it does its one thing - upgrading your gun in silly ways and using it to shoot lots of baddies - respectably well. RPS cornerstone John has played a bit too, and had nice things to say about it. He did find it a bit hard for his tastes, though, bouncing off after stumbling into tough boss fights with too little health remaining.

Hypergun is out now on Steam and GOG for £10.25/€11.24/$13.49.

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