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I Am Fish is set to release this September

This is the first I'm herring about it

You've been bread, and now it is nearly time to be fish, because Bossa Studios' upcoming physics-based platformer I Am Fish will launch on September 16th. Similarly to I Am Bread, you'll be flip-flopping around in all sorts of precarious situations, except this time you're a sea creature who's trying to get to the ocean. You can play as a goldfish, flying fish, puffer fish, or,my personal favourite, the piranha. He looks so angry in the image above, like he's about to send that van to a watery grave.

I Am Fish is set in the same world as I Am Bread and Surgeon Simulator, and involves you helping these four fishy friends escape a hazardous town - you know, by crossing roads, swimming through sewers, and exploring nightclubs. Normal fish stuff.

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Ed reckons it's secretly a horror game, and in his I Am Fish preview he regales us of his harrowing tale of being chased by a murderous farmer who wanted nothing more than to suffocate a poor goldfish. He enjoyed his time with the game, mind you, just be warned that it might be a little scarier than it looks.

"From the early build I played, I'd say I Am Fish is an absolute nightmare, both in the sense that it's difficult and also genuinely frightening," he writes. "Don't let the cutesy Pixar look fool you; this game will have you in tatters."

I Am Fish will arrive on September 16th on Steam and the Microsoft Store, and it'll cost you £16/€20/$20. It's also coming to Xbox, as well as Xbox Game Pass for PC and consoles.

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