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I Put A Spell On You: Word Realms Trailer

Asymmetric, they behind Kingdom Of Loathing, have a new game I've been mentioning in the Kickstarter Katchup for a few weeks now - Word Realms. And finally we have some footage of the game in action. It's a Bookworm-style spell-em-up, but in a far more involved RPG. Which is a thing I want. Spelling words to attack opponents, who are AI-spelling words back at you, while gathering equipment, gold and ADVENTURE.

They say they've already written thousands of unique taunts for words spelt, and are continuing to write them. The more of those they can write before release, the better.

Cover image for YouTube video

The Kickstarter around this is a little unusual. They're not actually raising money to finish Word Realms, but rather letting you pre-order World Realms in order to fund an MMO version of the single-player game. $11 gets a copy when the game's out in October, while $23 will put you in the beta test hopefully later this month. Then there are obviously many tiers above, at excellently silly numbers like $2,323.

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