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I'm Rolling, I'm Rolling, I'm Rolling, I'm Rolling-nerrrr: InFlux

Ever since I couldn't get past the third level of Marble Madness, I've found a real affection for rolly-ball games. Even Super Monkey Ball! So I'm intrigued by a project from Aussie devs, Impromptu Games: InFlux. It's a puzzle platformer, of sorts, in which you roll a small ball around what looks to be extremely varied locations, defying and embracing gravity. It looks at once calming and complex - just like me! You can see a bunch of footage below.

Impromptu describe the game as offering "meditative exploration", which I think means it has some nice ambient music in the background. From what I understand, you are a mysterious metal sphere that has fallen from the sky into a desert island, rolling around in occasionally luscious environs, betwixt glass houses that contain abstract puzzles. Well, ignore my words, let's use moving pictures:

This is the overworld, which shows some really gorgeous use of the UDK:

Cover image for YouTube video

And this is a glass house puzzle room, that makes me feel a bit daunted:

Cover image for YouTube video

This isn't the first time we've seen this game, by the way. It was originally spotted by Lewie in Feb 2011, when it had the horrendous name, Ballin' Out Of Control. Oh thank goodness they changed that.

They've just got themselves into the braying cockfight of Greenlight, but I can't see why it would have much trouble getting onto Steam and elsewhere through the usual channels.

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