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In The Game Of McPixel, You Win Or You Explode

Remember McPixel? You first met the bizarro rapid-fire point-and-click adventure when it was naught but a bouncing baby demo. It may have vomited on your shirt. It, er, finds those sorts of things funny. But now McPixel's all grown up and available for purchase, so naturally, its humorous sensibilities have matured. A little. OK, so it's still amazingly low-brow in places (for instance, McPixel's go-to means of attempting to save the world is generally a casual kick to the groin) but replaying 20-second, constantly exploding scenarios for hidden gags yields some gleefully unexpected results. Witness the mesmerizing (and, for some reason, partially live-action) madness in a new trailer after the break.

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So, basically - between unconnected locations that range from the North Pole to the movie Snakes On A Plane and solutions that involve very little rhyme or reason - it's a toy. But it's an entertaining, occasionally chuckle-worthy toy, and anything that constantly makes me ask "I wonder what would happen if I... ?" is a-okay in my book. Are 100 blink-and-you'll-miss-it-and-you'll-be-dead levels of that worth the $9.99 asking price, though? I haven't messed around with it enough to render a definitive verdict. But McPixel's demo, for better or worse, is pretty much a perfect representation of the sort of McBang you'll get for McBucks, so it's probably your best bet for now.

Also - and I can't decide if this is brilliant or vaguely exploitative - but you can lop a couple dollars off the price tag by submitting fan art or a video of an "Ode to McPixel." So that's a thing. As is the website's fake screenshot section, which I just discovered. And, unlike the game, it's both free and definitely excellent. Here's a sample.

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