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Injustice 2 saves its best DLC for last with Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga, dude!

While perhaps a little stiff in comparison to the free-wheeling chaos of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Injustice 2 is a solid little superhero fighting game. As is now customary for the genre, developers Netherrealm have been rolling out a steady stream of new characters as DLC since launch, and they've been a pretty good bunch including some visiting guests like Hellboy and Mortal Kombat's Raiden.

They've saved the best for last, though, and the ninth planned DLC character slot is being filled four times over by everyone's favourite pizza-munching reptiles. Now we get to see them action in a new gameplay trailer.

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Injustice 2 has a few oddball characters (the mostly stationary Swamp Thing being a favourite), but the Turtles take the cake for mechanical distinctiveness. Despite only filling a single character roster slot, they offer four different styles, chosen at the start of a match, or based on your chosen weapon if you're playing using the stat-altering gear system. Whichever turtle you pick to lead is the only one directly controlled, while the others make appearances for tag-team assist attacks.

What we're looking at is a pretty high agility character (or set of characters) overall, with each Turtle providing a slightly different spin on playstyle. Donatello obviously has the most reach and defensive options, while the rest seem to run the spectrum of rushdown and mix-up styles. There's no direct turtle-switching mid-fight, although it looks like all four come out to play simultaneously for super moves. Also, thank the cartoon gods that they look more like their classic 90s Saturday morning design, rather than the recent, uncanny valley-defiling recent movie incarnations.

The Ninja Turtles will be landing later this month, capping off the third and final £16 Fighter Pack for the game alongside Enchantress and Atom. As with the other DLC characters, they'll also be sold separately for £5, and are included as standard with the game's Ultimate Edition.

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