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Inkle Studios' next game is an Arthurian story

Camelot has fallen

Early this month, the studio behind the archaeological language adventure Heaven's Vault tweeted out seven words teasing their next project. At the time, the story-focused Inkle Studios had only this to share: "swords, anguish, Britain, unrequited, forests, hope, and revenge." As of today we've still got no imagery to go with all the teasing but we do have some more words and they're much less abstract this time.

The next teaser that Inkle have given us today is still just a bunch of words, but this time they deliver a setting and the beginnings of a plot. They've tweeted it out as an image with text so here's the transcription for anyone who can't see the image above:

Britain, AD 673

Camelot has fallen.

The jealous Sir Mordred, with lies and hatred, has broken the fellowship of the Round Table.

The knights of Arthur have scattered and all hope seems lost...

I do feel vindicated that what I felt was my unimaginative gut reaction to the seven words Inkle tweeted earlier in the month has turned out to be correct. I admit that I'm not exactly hip to all the nuances of Arthurian legend but I will certainly show up for a period drama with swords and (maybe?) sorcery.

So far, unless some adept scholars can perform some lore dissections for us, that's all we know. Inkle have responded to just a few tweets about their announcement, calling their next project "different" from past interactive fiction games about Arthurian legends. That should come as no surprise, given how different Heaven's Vault was from any narrative adventure I've seen.

To find out more about whatever Inkle Studios is working on—which we still don't have a name for—you'll want to keep an eye on their Twitter account.

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