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InSpired: Tower Of Guns Trailer

I've had a soft spot for towers ever since John's dad built one for our house cat, Dexter. Dexter would stand atop this tower of terror, swiping at passing people and planes, imagining himself as a terrifying, scarifying monster. So Tower of Guns has a small advantage, in that it just reminded me of my cat. But the rest, a randomly-generated FPS aiming to be the FTL of shooters, is worth paying attention to as well.

There's a neat atmosphere in the short trailer. It reminded me a little of Tiny and Big (particularly those enemies at the end that run up and, er, 'love' at you) mixed with Borderlands in a Quake environment. It has a nice, sketchy style. The Borderlands connection is stronger in the game, which is apparently filled with random enemies, powerups, levels, and of course the guns. It is a tower of them after all, and you're able to tweak your arsenal as you see fit. Find a "shotgun" modifier while you're carrying a rocket-launcher? The game won't stop you combining them. Though it wouldn't be proper to do so, you scamp.

Everything is random because everything is fleeting. It's being designed to be played in a single-sitting, with subsequent returns providing different challenges. I know it works in FTL, but wonder if it works for a shooter?

Apparently it'll be out sometime before the next Thief game, to allow the developer to take time off to play that without feeling guilty about it. It's a one-man developer, so he can do that. It's also on Greenlight, should you wish to encourage him there.

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