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InstaDoom Mod Adds Selfie Stick And Filters

This... is my snapstick

I feel a bit guilty for mostly posting Doom mods that are a bit wacky when so many fab mods and levels are still coming out. Well. Here, I'll tell you to play the excellent Demonsteele and then I'll feel less guilty posting about a Doom mod which adds a selfie stick and Instagram colour filters.

The first version of InstaDoom launched over the weekend, and I'm sure you'll be rushing into hell to start snapping away, so here, I have a video with a few tips for you:

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Yep, it really does add selfies. The selfie stick replaces the BFG but you'll find it wherever you'd find a chainsaw, or you could simply cheat to get one. And it recreates 37 Instagram photo filters, which you can also use without the selfie stick to make Doom look so very artistic.

You can download InstaDoom over here. I'd recommend playing with ZDoom, but that's personal preference. How to load Doom mods might not be common knowledge nowadays, so e.g. to use the selfie mod with the Helena filter you'd use the command: zdoom.exe -file selfie.wad helena.wad

It's made by Linguica with help from Mike12. It has custom music too, but I replaced it in the video with the recorded-off-a-nice-soundcard version of the E1M1 theme off Doomworld. Discovering the music can be an extra little treat for you.

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