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Tactical Shootybangs: Interstellar Marines Free Trial Week

Try the sci-fi tactical FPS

Before he left us like they all do, like they always do, our dear Lighthouse Customer took a look at Interstellar Marines [official site], a tactical sci-fi FPS making its way through Early Access. Even back in October it was in pretty decent shape, with some horrible robots out for your organic blood, so how's it looking after another four months of updates? Well, you can see for yourself, as it's now in a free week-long trial on Steam.

If you fancy playing, simply fire up Steam and you should find Interstellar Marines listed in your library, waiting to be installed. The free week will run until next Monday, longer than your usual Steam trial. Developers Zero Point Software have cut the price by 66% during this trial too, making it £4.76 on Steam or £10.20 for a four-pack. It's on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Casting my eye of the past few months of patch notes since our last look, I see Zero Point have added more singleplayer and co-op maps, improved stealth by adding silencers and making AI recognise darkness, made hit detection better, boshed in sprinting, and made a new tutorial level.

Zero Point also announced yesterday that their next big addition will be 'Hell Week', a mode described as "Maze Runner meets DayZ meets Hunger Games". Set up as war games across a range of simulated environments, it'll have players scavenging for supplies, exploring, opening up paths, and generally trying to not get murdered. Here's a bit more on that:

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