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InXile's new time-travelling steampunk RPG looks like a lost BioShock Infinite sequel

Check out Clockwork Revolution's trailer and you'll see what I mean

A mechanical man in a Clockwork Revolution screenshot.
Image credit: Xbox Game Studios

When Clockwork Revolution's announcement trailer started playing in the Xbox Games Showcase today, I almost thought was a follow-up to BioShock Infinite. An opulent oversaturated city with a hanging railway, heaps of gadgets, a taunting antagonist, a protagonist with reality-altering powers, and a giant baddy with a gunarm? Surely BioShock? Nope! It's a new first-person steampunk RPG from InXile Entertainment, the makers of Torment: Tides Of Numenera. And two of its lead developers worked at Troika on their steampunk RPG, Arcanum: Of Steamworks & Magick Obscura. Come have a watch.

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Clockwork Revolution is set in the Victorian-ish steampunk city of Avalon, which at first glance appears just lovely with all sorts of wondrous technology. Except, you discover after finding a time travel gizmo, it's only this way because Lady Ironwood used time travel herself to brutally alter the city's history to her benefit. So off you go, skipping around in time, making decisions that will change history, then returning to find out how you've actually changed history. The buttercream effect is always a real pain in the bum.

"Through unprecedented and complex visual and narrative depth, the choices you make on your trips into the past will change the people, the stories, and the city of Avalon itself in extraordinary and (very often) unexpected ways, InXile say in their announcement. "In Clockwork Revolution we're pushing roleplaying reactivity to new heights, infused with the unique texture and personality that you've come to expect from our games."

InXile note that some key members of their team have strong relevant steampunk history, having worked on Arcanum (which we will still tell you is one of the best RPGs). Game director Chad Moore was a programmer on the 2001 RPG, while principal designer Jason Anderson was co-project leader.

Clockwork Revolution is headed to Steam and Game Pass. No word when just yet. It'll also be on Xbox Xeries XS.

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