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Isometric turn-based RPG Metal Slug Tactics delayed into 2023

"The squad needs a bit more time in the shop to prepare for the battles ahead"

Turn-based tactical RPG Metal Slug Tactics has been delayed. Saying that "the squad needs a bit more time in the shop to prepare for the battles ahead," the publisher has announced that it'll now be coming out in 2023.

Cover image for YouTube videoMetal Slug Tactics - Reveal trailer

According to a Tweet posted by publishers Dotemu, they're giving the game some extra time so that it can be "as explosive as possible on release." Fair enough! They haven't yet been more specific than next year as to when it'll be ready.

The game's a twist on the older run and gun arcade series Metal Slug, with more focus on - as the name might suggest - tactics. Everything's on an isometric battlefield now, with weapon upgrades and skill perks to make your squad stronger after clearing procedurally generated levels. Apparently there'll also be roguelike elements included.

Some of the same characters are returning, though, and the style is similar, at least according to Graham's look when the game was first announced at Summer Games Fest in 2021. It's also kept the ginormous bosses from the originals, which were shown off a bit later that summer.

Metal Slug Tactics' store page is over on Steam ready for its new release date some time next year.

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