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Metal Slug Tactics' latest gameplay trailer teases some towering boss battles

Ooo big robo snake

Metal Slug Tactics adding a third-dimension looks to have been an excellent idea. As we saw during E3, the traditionally 2D platformer has spawned an isometric strategy game. Aesthetically, it’s lost nothing in translation. The pixelly characters look lovely in any dimension, and the levels are delightfully detailed dioramas filled with fun little battles. Metal Slug also had giant bosses to cap off levels, and though there's a new perspective in play, the latest gameplay trailer for Metal Slug Tactics shows the bosses are as meaty as before.

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It’s been years since I really bothered with Metal Slug games, but thankfully there’s some blurb to provide context:

“This new footage of frontline powerhouses Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma rolling out to battle from a headquarters packed with nods to the long-running series’ history. The team returns with their signature arsenal - including the reliable heavy machine gun and devastating SVX-15D Slugnoid mech - as they face down fresh tactical fights.”

Get all that? You’ll crew up and head out into battles. Hopping around levels, breaking down walls, and trundling your cute little tank around to get the drop on the bad guys. Higher level tactics involve setting up assaults that sync together to create massive damage. And with the towering bosses, that will be a necessary tactic to master. There’s no shame in needing help when fighting a giant metal cobra that snuck up on you in the desert.

It looks promising. There’s no release date for this yet, but it could be another game that’ll make a case for itself on my Steam Deck.

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