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It's Quaint Brighton's Split/Second

Here's a peculiar trailer for Brit-based racer, Split/Second. It's like a report for a gaming TV show, but without the gaming TV show. And it's an American pretend TV show, which offers the rather hilarious opener that Black Rock Studio's home town, Brighton, is "quaint". But forget all that, because what you've got here is a neatly packaged explanation of what Split/Second is - a racing game where you blow stuff up - along with thoughts behind the development, and most crucially, lots of in-game footage.

Perhaps I'm a giant moron, but what stands out as most innovative to me is the rethinking of the HUD. Putting all those details on the tail of the car is damned smart, and I wonder if everyone else will copy this from now on. It's madness to have to scan all corners of the screen for vital info when taking a corner, and here that issue is neatly solved. Oh, and it's also cool how stuff blows up all the time. The game's out on the 18th May in the US, and 21st in the UK. Take a look:

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