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It's Raining Whales: Dishonored Has Dun An Addon

The somewhat underwhelming in concept first DLC for Dishonored is, as we already knew, Dunwall City Trials. It's a challenge map pack rather than an expansion containing more long-game assassinations or world-building. This leaves me a little cold in principle, but perhaps there will be something to be said for using and combining the game's many combat, stealth and movement systems unfettered and without the focus on meeting a specific objective.

The pack now has a release date, which is December 11, and a price, which is £3.99. And specific details, which are below. I'm nice like that.

There'll be 10 challenge maps in total, and purportedly they make varied demands on you. Killing time trials, a horde survival mode and chaining drop assassionations are mentioned, as is a stealth treasure-stealing mansion missing. Oddest of all is this, though: "Try your hand in non-lethal challenges as you shoot down whale oil tanks raining from the sky."


I dunno. It doesn't sound terribly Dishonored to me, but perhaps I'm being too narrow-minded - this is after all a game built around the concept of varied playstyles. But shooting raining whale oil tanks? Is this Corvo goes to the funfair or something?

N. E. Way. December 11, £3.99, and there'll also be an online leaderboards for those who like to flout their digital genitalia. I'm much more interested in the two campaign expansions due next year, but maybe that's just because I'm afraid of seeing my name appear next to a number.

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