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It's Scary When It's Darkout

While I think we did pretty well on having given the latest hundred games to be added to Steam our attentions, Darkout was an anomaly. A procedurally generated, biome based survival game with Terraria painted all over it, it hits so many RPS interest points I can't believe we haven't talked about it before. Outside of a mention in a four month old Bargain Bucket, however, we just never seem to have taken a look. It's even actually purchasable, in beta form, over on Desura. Swooping in to fix our omission like a news-based superhero, keyboard and stein in hand, I've got the latest trailer for you below.

Jesus, that's gorgeous. Sci-fi aesthetic and lighting that's reducing me to tears? Yes, please. Even better, it looks like a lot of these effects are more than just to paint a pretty picture, but light plays in to the way the world develops. Safe havens are that way not because of walls or locked doors but down to the fear beasts have of unfamiliar brightness. The mysterious, abandoned planet's closest allegory to daytime is a twilight when things are not totally pitch black. Development continues and there's even a new patch on its way. Full release should be some time this year.

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